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Guindy Times reacts to Mother’s Day


Thanks for leaving me speechless every time with your life advice - ranging from 'Be courageous' to 'Did you brush your teeth tonight? You really don't want to go to the dentist in this age' - and your humour, that is at times, very sly. You're like the coolest 'soccer mom' ever and thanks for approving of my decisions, and being my Siri and Google. You're the best.

           PS: You really shouldn't get prettier with age. All my friends like you better now. -_-

-Jerlyn Manohar, 2nd year ,Biomedical

“My mother.. She isn't a doctor.. She isn't a teacher.. She is an agriculturist.. Behind every line of my mother's cracked feet there lies her toil on the land.. Proud of you amma.. Happy mother's day!! “

-Akila.P 2nd Year ,Ece

My life's best teacher.We fight for petty and trivial issues and she's always the one who apologises first. I'm not saying that out of pride but more in awe with the humane personality of hers. Persuading her for my morning dosa gives me the perfect start to the day. And she goes to bed every night only after making sure that I'm in a good frame of mind for the night.From dawn to dusk, through days and years,With my mom around me,I shan't be intimidated by any fear. 

-Krishna Anandan. G 1 st year, CSE

She is my angel, my first girlfriend, My well-wisher, the one in whom I confide,  the one who always has my back ,the one who ll stand by my side when all goes south,  thanks for being there for now and ever. Happy Mothers day!!!.”​

-Yokesh B 1st year, CSE

“Everyday is a new experience with Amma around. She beholds a perfect proportion of all beautiful traits you would call for in a strong independent women. From being my dad's consultant helping in sorting out his workload, my sister's Medical advisor, my wardrobe designer, to an excellent chef, she has left no domain untouched. And it's most certainly unfair if I wouldn't credit her for moulding me to be one too. 
She is what I desire to identity myself as, a women with a heart full of love and mind of vigour and strength.”

To all the beautiful creations, wishing a Happy Mother's Day.

-Ashaa Vigashini 2nd year, Geo Informatics

·"My mom and I share a slightly less straightforward relationship than most others;we disagree on a lot of things, and are very different people, but the truth in a mother's love is that our personal differences never detract from the abundance of affection and generosity she showers upon me. She can never stay mad at me for too long, and will try to make up with me, despite my adamance, way quicker than I ever could. We love each other, but mom always beats me in expressing that love. And I love her for it"

-Prem Sylvester, 2nd year IT


Here are couple of poems written by the authors:

MOTHER- The most divine of creations

Made in heaven to nurture the future

Owe her a lot do we;

Thanks is too small a word to suffice

Her affection, devotion and sacrifice

Even at the grand old age of 90, will she

Regard me as an infant, to her shall I always be.


“ Food, Water, Air, Life, The Earth -  All will cease to exist one day.

 The one pristine renewable resource- Mother's love.

 Unconditional. Non-terminating. Immortal.

 Transcending boundaries since time immemorial.”


Despite all the annoying things a child does he is still precious to a mom!!

Deadlines to meet. People to satisfy. A non-understanding boss (Child).The mother sighed.

Home made office seem like a joke.

The moment she lay down would be the precise moment the child bawls, demanding food and craving for attention.

The moment she took ill would be the precise moment her four year old wanted to go for a spin in the car.

The moment she went to the theatre to catch her favourite star in action would be the precise moment her little one screams its lungs out, with no apparent reason.

The moment she wanted to enjoy her child’s company would be the precise moment he would seek to expand his horizons and reach for greater things.

She gives everything she has. She retains only a solitary possession- Her love for her child, which she carries with her till the end.

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