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Good Night, Sleep Tight

Who doesn’t enjoy lying down on a well-cushioned mattress with cosy blanket wrapped around? Many people can hardly resist the drowsiness. There are also some who simply love to sleep all day. There are different kinds of people with different sleeping habits. But there are always instances where most of them inevitably fall asleep. Let’s take a look at some of them.


  • All of us would be PhD holders in sleeping with our eyes wide open during class hours and pre-placement talks.  

  • Some of us have the habit of dozing off while listening to music or watching TV. Melodious music not only drives our emotions but is also like a lullaby which makes us fall asleep.

  • While travelling during the day, people who aren’t worried about inconveniences encounter sleep almost instantly whereas, people who expect peaceful atmosphere and comfortable seats at par with their mattresses are left to gaze out of the windows.

  • Some of us have the habit of lying down to study on the bed, only to fall asleep in no time.

  • These are the type of people who need sleep very badly. People who are stressed due to workload, people who are sick and people who are bored, easily fall into this category. While some do this because they love sleeping all the time.

  • After waking up early with hopes of doing something productive, the sweet chirping of birds is like a lullaby that makes one fall asleep again. Goodbye to a productive day!

  • Most hostellers sleep till 8:15 a.m.! Snoozing their alarms and drifting off repeatedly results in them dashing to attend their class on time without eating or bathing.

  • Nothing can match the pleasure of sleeping after a heavy meal. When our stomach is full, there’s something inside our body which drives us to sleep.


Have you ever wondered why you feel sleepy all the time?

It's because most people these days lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Bad food habits often lead to excessive sleepiness. It is important to eat on time and not skip meals. Drink plenty of water. Take lots of fruits and vegetables. Exercise daily.   

Remember, night time is the best time for sleeping. This is because most of our hormones, such as melatonin, oxytocin, etc. are released in the brain only when sleeping in complete darkness. National Sleep Foundation has recommended the minimum number of sleeping hours for various age groups:

  • 9-11 hours for children;
  • 8-10 hours for teenagers; and
  • 7-9 hours for adults.

As sleep is the best medicine to kill anger, irritation, stress, etc., everyone should make sure that they have enough sleep during the night in order to lead a peaceful and stress-free life.



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