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Farewell to a Teacher

(A poem for my Physics staff and class advisor (I Batch), Dr.T.Lavanya madam, who is now in IITM as a Research Scientist)

You’re not a teacher
You’re a step ahead of that.
You’re not my ma'am,
You’re like a mom to me.
The way you teach inspired me,
The way you interact impressed me
The way you tortured us 
(with child-like cuteness),
Made me feel better
Your boldness, I truly admire.
Many students who,
Pass through our class door,
Were inspired by you
Want to sit and listen to you.
I had love for you 
Like the love,
I have for my mother
I have for my sister

Miss you ma'am,

On behalf of I batch,

S. Vijayakumar



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