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Dream On, My Friend


Almost all of us were born afraid to dare;
And all we did at the heavens – was to stare.

In our way, came a man of energy and passion;
Who held the respect of everyone in the nation.

To this day, and to any day in fact;
He is unmatched in his every act.

He marched equal to all but never did tower
and in the face of adversity, he wouldn’t cower.
Legend has it that when he walked out of power
he only held his suitcases – and no show of glamour.

In his presence, the Wings of Fire did rise
Gone were the youngsters who could only fantasize
Reborn in their place, were leaders whose dreams did realise

He will live on in our hearts and souls
And will be the spirit for us to reach our goals
We promise not just to listen to what he has said
But to walk on, on the path that he has gloriously lead.

He may have gone on to the world beyond,
but he will not pass out from the hearts that are fond:
For with us all, he shares an eternal bond.

He is the guise of the stars of our night
He is the face of our future which he has rendered bright.

R. I. P.
Former President Of India
Bharath Ratna
Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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