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Campus Placements - August 2014

When you see 4th years/Masters students wearing neatly ironed formals on a daily basis, accompanied with polished shoes, smelling pleasant and looking fresh then you know it’s this time of the year – THE PLACEMENTS SEASON.

You see Facebook status updates of students praising the Lord and thanking teachers and friends alike after getting placed in a decent company and they in turn will be receiving congratulations.

But we never get the complete picture, do we? Just the snapshots from a few close friends. THE GUINDY TIMES brings to you a thorough analysis of all the companies who came to recruit Anna University students in the last couple of months until August.

Months May 2014 and June 2014 are part of the previous academic year. By the end of the academic year, students (UG & PG) were placed in 188 Companies. A remarkable feat by CUIC*.

The placement season which begins at the end of July every year, happens in full swing until next June for an academic year. During the month of May 2014, 35 students (UG & PG) were placed in 11 companies and in the month of June 2014, 11 students (UG & PG) were placed in 5 companies.

From July 2014, placements for the current academic year began in full swing. Many students who’d undergone internships through CUIC in the previous academic year and during the semester break had received Pre-Placement Offers. A total of 20 students received such offers from 6 companies as of August' 14.

The recruitment for the academic year 2014-15 started with Microsoft. This year two students were recruited by Microsoft in addition to the four interns who were offered pre - placement offers.

In the following four weeks, companies such as Ebay Inc, Morgan Stanley, Chronus, Amazon, Flipkart and Goldman Sachs visited our campus for recruitment of full time employees and some of these companies also chose pre final year students for summer internships.

In August, 17 companies visited our campus and a total of 84 students were placed during that month. Of these, 31 were PG students.



The companies which visited the campus during the first month of the placement season came with high salary packages. Four students from Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department were placed in Ebay Inc for a CTC of 17.6 Lakhs. The salary package offered to the new recruits was above 10 Lakhs for more than 50% students placed in these companies.

While these companies offered very good pay for the students they also picked them limited numbers. With the exception of Citicorp services which selected 16 students from CEG, all the other companies chose 2 or 3 students after multiple rounds of interview.




This brings the placements - UG & PG - tally to 109 (25 July PPOs + 31 Aug PPOs + 53 Aug placements) as on 31.08.2014.

AU students thank CUIC sincerely for the effort the centre takes to ensure that the students are placed in excellent companies.

The Guindy Times wishes all students the very best for the upcoming placements.

Stay tuned for more updates.


*The Centre for University-Industry Collaboration or the CUIC is responsible to carry out placement activities for Anna University students. The centre initiates the procedure by contacting company executives. Then, when the company visits the campus for the recruitment of students, CUIC facilitates the conduction of Written Test / Online Test / Interviews. Apart from this, CUIC also brings about internships, In-Plant Trainings, Booklet on ‘A Ready Reckoner for On-Campus Placement’, Industrial Awareness Programmes, Industrial visits, etc. for students.

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