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C Poem


Love FUNCTION is CALLed in me-by you!

Running around you like a LOOP-

To NEST your heart in mine;

A message FOR you;

On this valentine;

 DO Love - back!


Let love CONTINUE.

Our love will be an ARRAY-

With you and me as TWO DIMENSIONS;

There follows a STRING of  beautiful incidents.

I will change my CHAR* for you- just to

FLOAT my love clouds in the C* blue sky*.

Making me STATIC by your EXPRESSIONS;

AUTOmatically INCREMENTING my love to infinite limits;

Occupying my REGISTERS;

You make me forget the EXTERNAL world;

If we PASS our ARGUMENTS and stay united;

Besides ERRORS* and mistakes- then

No one could BREAK my UNION with you.

Hope my lover GETS my love and PUTS it in heart;

This love function is waiting for your RETURN statements.

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