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The perfect mantra to lighten up your day would be to sit back, relax and grab a bite! Sometimes, there is nothing more important than having something to eat. Let me take you on a tasty tour of some of the mouthwatering eateries in and around college.

Take a stroll along the plush, tree-lined roads of our campus, and you’ll always see a mob opposite the clock tower; there’s always a lot of people here. The reason for the mob is the CEG Canteen which sells Idlis, Vadas, Masala Dosas, Biryanis, Softies, Chaats and a host of other dishes – almost everything in one place. Hop in for tasty treats at dazzling prices! Have you ever longed for a juicy Burger or a cheesy Sandwich in the middle of a long and boring lecture? Fear not, for we have CEG’s very own Maggi Station near Knowledge Park. Chilled Ice Tea, Samosas, Cheese Maggi are just some of the other fast food items available here. How about a drink for those digestive enzymes? Do you want some ginger tea or a cup of steaming hot chocolate? Then head over to the Coffee Hut just behind Knowledge Park, the perfect place to enjoy a light snack or to strengthen bonds over a cup of coffee. After all, a lot can happen over coffee. This little hut offers countless not-so-little cups of hot beverages to lighten any tiring day. In addition to being frequented by students, the Coffee Hut is also a popular spot for monkeys, so watch out! Sharing a cup of coffee with your friend is very different from sharing your coffee with a monkey! Gurunath Stores, the Aavin Shop and the newly opened Chlorophyll Café are some other popular food joints on campus.

Now, it’s time to talk about few popular food options outside campus. With college located in a very central area, there are hundreds of food spots near college. It is nearly impossible to list all of them – here is a selection of few of my favorites. Right outside college is the Gandhi Mandapam Road, which leads to the Anna Centennial Library, located a few buildings away. A good read asks for a good treat, and there are plenty of food options here. Ciclo Café is a bicycle-themed casual dining spot offering a variety of cuisines. The hand-toasted pizzas, signature mud pies, Penne pasta and Spaghetti in different sauces will always leave you craving for more. So when you’re upsetti, go eat some spaghetti!


You can expect a similar experience at Double Roti and Soul Garden Bistro, both of which are in reasonable distances from college. Another bistro on the to-visit list is Ashvita Bistro where ambience is good and the food is even better. Head over to Biggy Bites which is another winner with their amazing variety in casual American food. To all burger fans out there, Burger Man offers a very large selection burgers, and along with the cheese which melts into the fries, it sure does melt our hearts away. Also visit Besant Nagar for a wide variety of dishes ranging from Teriyaki Lamb to BBQ Bean. Now, satisfying your Kebab or Chaat cravings is pretty simple: the answers are both nearby, just a few feet away from each other at Al Arab Feast and the Kailash Parbat. How could one miss a nice thick shake from The Thick Shake Factory? It provides much-needed relief on a hot day!


Every once in a while, we crave for some fine dining, right? Gather your friends/family to enjoy some finger licking continental Mughlai and north Indian savories at the Raintree in Alwarpet. If it is Punjabi style or charcoal cooking that you are looking for, then the fusion offered at Punjabi Grill will suit you just fine! If you visit the Rajdhani Thali Restaurant, make sure to try the khatta meetha lunch, a sparkling example of India’s diverse food and culture. The perfect place for your friend’s much overdue, expensive treat where the joy of unlimited food is as it sounds is Barbeque Nation - a sizzler lover’s best friend. Oh wait, how could you forget Biryani? The smell of raisins and cashews in ghee calls for a cheat day for anyone on a diet. Some of the best Biryanis in town are at Aasife Biriyani, Dindigul Thalappakatti and Junior Kuppanna.

A nice hot Paper Roast is many south Indian Tom, Dick or Harry’s first love. Our South Indian platter has won the hearts of many, be it any nation or state. Some of the best places known this lip-smacking cuisine are Sangeetha and Vasantha Bhavan, which also offer Schezuan delicacies such as Dragon Paneer.

We all have a hidden sweet tooth. We love chocolate whether we’re old or young, busy or free, sad or happy. Ever thought of some chocolate topped with cheese? Check it out at Royal Sandwich. This small shop offers a very large variety of sandwiches at affordable prices. The Chocolate Heaven truly lives up to its name. Make sure to check out their chocolate pastries and molten lave cake. Pantry D'or Cordon Bleu earns its brownie points with elegant dining and serene ambience, not to mention the food. To further satisfy your love for sugar and dough, try the muffins and cupcakes of Quick Bites, which are real treats to your taste buds. Savor the various ice cream flavors, ranging from praline to nutty chocolate to nougat and cotton candy, from Cream Stone and Cream and Fudge. Like they say, it’s never too cold for ice cream! Well, a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a little cranberry over a hot tasty waffle wouldn’t be asking too much, would it? Make your way over to Waffles Thru the Day in Adyar for many honey-dressed treats on a crepe or for some delicious waffles.

Chennai is a truly diverse city, with people from all over the country and the world calling it home. Food surely is our common ground, weaving its own magic among all of us. Now, you too know some of your good food choices around you!

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