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Because an idle mind is the devil’s playground

If your mood right now is defined by the quote “Bored of being bored because being bored is boring”, worry not because you aren’t alone! Mocked for being anti-social, I’ve jumped to being always online ever since my last exam. Though it’s been just a week I’m jaded of scrolling up and down Instagram, making silly faces with Snapchat filters, reacting to and commenting on people’s posts on Facebook, texting long lost friends in Messenger and chatting till the conversation dies out in WhatsApp.

Admit it - we all have prepared lengthy to-do lists over the semester and cease to do a few or none. From planning to be so called “productive” we close out to hitting the couch with a bag of snacks, watching even the most boring of TV shows and dozing off for hours to come. But, not much to my surprise, I’ve come across a few determined friends who are actually putting their time to use. Read on and (hopefully) get inspired to take up one or more of these 11 activities this November to keep yourself occupied during the vacation.

1. Socialise the mainstream way by meeting up with old friends from school or the neighborhood- there will definitely be lots to catch up on. You could even go meet your teachers and staff in school. Look at the happiness on their faces when you take the effort to go revisit them.

2. Explore old works and read an article from 2012 or so in a blog that you follow.

3. For the artist in you, take up a 30-day drawing challenge. Here’s a picture of GT’s very own Mary Jeana’s work!














4. Get creative and engage in meme-o-graphy. Have a look at GT’s VP (Print Issue), Shreya’s work!














5. Ranging from street food to grand and elaborate buffets, there’s a lot you could have missed out. Put your taste buds to work by exploring different eateries around you, or;

6. Try a hand at cooking. Look up recipes on the internet and cook up a delicious meal for your family and friends.

7. Sleep is very essential. Being engineering students, most of us (especially hostellers) lack a good night’s sleep. So hit the snooze button and get some good sleep to feel refreshed, energized and ready to go for the upcoming semester.

8. Intern at a company or prepare for competitive exams like GATE, GRE, etc.

9. Take driving lessons and get a license.

10. Learn something new, like a new language or take an online course on any topic of your interest.

11. Happiness lies in the simplest of things, so bring out the child in you and get a little naughty by playing pranks like ringing the bell/knocking the door of your neighbor’s house and hiding or pressing all the buttons in the lift before your get off on your floor of your apartment.  After all, quoting the President of GT, Giridharan, “Routine pranks during highly vetti times, continued for many days at a stretch become a hobby – or rather a habit itself”.

Don’t procrastinate, make a difference this vacation and sense the satisfaction. Happy Holidays!

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