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Attention Freshers









The days of hectic homework, cycle tests (rather pressure tests), assignments and most importantly, the boring school uniform have all come to an end. A new journey, the one which you have fantasized as a result of manipulation by the cool campus movies, has just begun. But certainly do remember that reality is different and that you all are going to be “ENGINEERS”. Here are a few things to give you a feel of what life in our campus is all about.

It is so easy to bunk the first hour class for an extra hour of sleep but it is not so easy to get notes for the missed lectures, on the previous night of the exam.

Getting a book from the library takes only 10% of the time that you spend in the canteen queue. So, once in a while please do pay a visit to the adjacent building instead of waiting for a jalebi.

Nobody bothers whether you eat your food or not except for the dogs and the monkeys that surround you. Beware!

Befriend your classmates/roommates. It is important to stay connected to people to explore this phase of your life.

“No studying in college” works only until the previous week of semester exams. If you are not ready to study, the university is not ready to leave you without troubles, called “arrears”.

Professors here won’t bug you to study. It’s up to you to decide which combo you want- decent GPA + enjoyment +job (or) enjoyment +arrears.

Don’t worry about your placements or the next year’s schedule. There is sufficient time for you to know and talk about these in the coming years.

Take part and enjoy the cultural celebrations, sports and other extracurricular activities. Our campus is among the few Engineering colleges that provide all these fun factors.

Hang out with your friends and relax. There is surplus time to live life to the fullest in this campus. You will be surprised when you compare the timetables of yours and your friends’ from other Engineering colleges.

P.S.: Our campus is definitely not the Five Point Someone type or any other Chetan Bhagat’s story type (including Two States)


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