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A Walk Through Nature

The morning mist, the fresh air, the song of birds as they serenade the evergreen trees, the sprightly leaves, the wise old oak, the fragrance of flowers, the buzz of insects, the vibrant interludes in the scenery by the falling flowersand a break from the fast-track urban life.it is a much-needed respite to the peoplerunning arat raceeveryday.

And while cities have their own charm, nature is class apart, with its mystifying beauty that keeps you coming back, to admire it every day… even the same spot, visited everyday will present new and magnificent details you haven’t noticed before.

The skies you see everyday suddenly seem to be distinctly different when you observe various shades it turns into as the celestial bodies far far away, play with the nearby clouds… as though someone is trying a new pallete of hues on the vast canvas above, creating vivid patterns and timeless art.

Not only does it awaken the dormant curiosity in you, it makes you contemplate deeply. Quite often you may catch yourself wondering about various questions that your mind return back to….

Traversing through the roads shaded by the canopies of trees, one may wonder in awe about the beauty of existence, the mystery of creation, and many such mind-boggling unanswered philosophical questions.

And yet, the pleasant welcoming atmosphere lets you relax, allowing your mind to wander in the first place, which we don’t have time for in our daily lives.

The scrunch of the gravel under your feet as you walk amongst what must have been the paths of our ancestors, makes your mind open up to the infinite possibilities that lay ahead, waiting for us to seize themas golden opportunities.

Our senses are wide awake, exploring our surroundings with renewed vigor, taking note of each and every creek in the branches, every blooming bud, the milieu of aromas from the many plants and trees…

And while it may seem as though we are distant from the rest of the world, for once we are in harmony with Mother Nature, as we cherish her blessed gifts.

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