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The Alumni Association of College of Engineering Guindy conducted its 40th year Ruby Reunion for 1975-80 batch on 18th January 2020. CEG Alumni of that batch from several corners of the world, gathered in the Alumni Centre to begin their nostalgic trip. Alumni from departments of Civil, Mechanical, ECE, EEE and Production Engineering convened for the function. They arrived at 10.30 am and finished their registrations at AACEG office. They were given T shirts, ID cards, Coupons and Hampers. Our beloved alumni Mr.RoopChander, Vice President of AACEG delivered the welcome address. Following that, they had a delightful lunch at the mess and were finally taken on a guided tour around the campus. They were taken to Central Workshop, Mechanical Department, Machines Lab, EEE department and labs of ECE department.

They reminisced the good old days in the campus and recalled the wonderful times they had in the sports gallery where they used to sit in groups and chat for hours together . They were totally delighted about the significant improvement made in the infrastructure and academics over years. They said that they owe a debt of gratitude to their  professors and the libraries for paving the pathway to success, as they were the sources of knowledge and information those days. But now, technology’s intervention into the field of academics and engineering is stupendous.” The skill set and core engineering knowledge pertaining to any discipline that a budding engineer can be acquired in CEG, as CEG provides all facilities for the growth of an engineer”, proudly says Swaminathan, an alumnus from EEE department. “ If one has good reasoning skills and the ability to think out of the box, one can succeed in any field of engineering”, remarked Vasanth Reddy-an alumnus from ECE department. James Dewaker, an alumnus, currently serving as Vice President of Cognizant gave a piece of advice stating that the students should concentrate more on developing social, interpersonal and communication skills as these are the qualities, the professional look for, when they come to hire graduates”.

After the campus tour, they assembled outside the Alumni Centre for a group snap. Following that, they had their refreshments. Even after 40 years, their love towards CEG is boundless. Their reunion instills a sense of awe and respect in the hearts of our budding graduates. 

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