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A Rewind But Got to Move Forward

      Wow! It seems like it was just yesterday when I had come for counselling. Though, all I can feel now are mixed emotions. On one side, I am happy that this hectic semester has come to an end but on the other hand it makes me sad that one year in this college is over already.

      Okay. I’m deviating from the topic I really wanted to write about. Being in first year, we feel sad that it’s been a year. Then, imagine the condition of final years. There are students who are happy that they’re finally done understanding engineering, but I’m pretty sure apart from studies, everyone’s going to miss all the fun memories they had in this college, the many life lessons they learnt here, the friends they made, the family away from home they got (for hostellers).

        I wonder how it must’ve been for them to stay in this place for four years. College can get out of hand sometimes. So four years of engineering might’ve been a lot of pressure. Then again, how can we forget to mention that all these worries vanish when we’re with our friends doing what makes us really happy. The times when we got kicked out of class for silly reasons, writing records, last minute group study plans, Wi-Fi hut kadalas, grocery shopping in gurunath, sight-seeing different people in the college (ha-ha), eating from the canteen, green bench, going on stage in front of our own home crowd, performing on stage whether for Kurukshetra, Techofes, Agni or any of the Department Symposiums. All of this might’ve definitely taken a little place in your heart.

       Not all, but there are many students who have a close bond with a certain club in this college. The attachment these people have to the club can’t be explained. Every single cub meeting or practice session will have something that they can hold on to forever. Choosing the next team and leaving the club will be the hardest thing for them to do. Nonetheless, once you’re in the club, you’re forever going to be remembered as a member of the team.

       Memories you all made in these four years can be cherished forever. From the moment you entered this college, till the time you graduate. Every single moment you spend looking at the trees, the ground where you can always see students playing, couples walking around the campus, monkeys taking away your food or water bottle, every photo you’ve taken with or without your friends in this campus. All this will definitely bring you to tears after 2 or 3 years.  

       I guess it’s going to be tough for a hosteller to leave. All the late night conversations with friends, prank calls and birthday parties. Waking up late, running late to class without breakfast just to get attendance might’ve happened at least once to everyone. Things that happen in hostel can’t be explained. It’s going to be really hard for a hosteller to pack each and everything and have a last look at the blank walls staring back at you. Saying it’s time to bid farewell.

      The PURPLE tags are definitely going to be missed a lot. In just one year, or rather, just 8 months, I have met many seniors who I can rely upon in the future if I need any help. I’ve met Akkas and Annas who were like real siblings to me. On behalf of all the BROWN tags, the Guindy Times would like to wish all the final years to succeed in whatever they pursue hence forth. 

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