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Let me break your bubble right at the beginning.

I drive to college.

 So, if you’re looking for stories involving large groups of people being affected by inertia, or think I’m contributing to pollution/global warming/not being economical, you probably should not be reading any further.

Driving to college is the story of just two special people. The student driver and the Vehicle. The daily commute to college is a possibility only if both these people perfectly understand each other.

Even while being a licensed, confident driver, I pray every single day for the lives of all the pedestrians/tiny tots and old people crossing the road, at least during my 15-20 minute road trip to college. More importantly, I pray that my own life be spared from the consequences of restless auto drivers/ arrogant chauffeurs/the absolutely reckless 21Gbus drivers.

For those who are new to this ‘driving to college’ experience, do not be alarmed. This road trip is not like any other. It’s like playing Temple Run with a SINGLE life. No pressure.

There’s just one obstacle in your course and one obstacle only. THE CHENNAI CITY TRAFFIC.

It’s true that there’s beauty in everything you see; watching little kids hop on to their school vans, a Mercedes passing by, a policeman doing his job, humungous brightly coloured private buses, trucks that misspell ‘HORN OK PLEASE’, and joggers enjoying the fresh morning air. Now imagine ALL OF THIS, with loads of honking, swerving, rash-driving and rule-breaking. Let’s just say it’s not going to be your ideal DDLJ SRK road trip.

No matter WHAT you do, you’ll never reach the college parking lot looking stylish and calm, like the ‘college’ students in the movies. Rather, you’ll secretly thank the stars for being alive for Just- Another- Mundane- Day- Of- Your- Life.

Yet, having the liberty of leaving your home at the very last minute (assuming most student drivers reside within a 5-8 km radius of the college) and still being RIGHT on time to get attendance, is pretty amazing. 

Even if you were the most selfish person on the planet, you’ll find yourself transforming into this really kind person who gives her/his friends a lift home from college, more than once.

Every day surprises us with something new. For four whole years of engineering, it’s going to be the same starting point and the same destination, but the journey is unique, and is a great learning experience. I’m sure all commuters agree.

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