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A Journey into Travel Photography

Travel always has always been intertwined with the emotions of people, because of its ability to make one experience a culture, food, people and lifestyle and what not, different from their own. ‘Money fills one’s pocket but travel fills one’s spirit’ could be a platitude, but truth is always cliché. Innovation and creativity are the most quintessential components to keep any field alive, and photography is no exception. Everyday one could come across such innovations in the field of photography. Travel photography is one such venture. Though it has been in the business for a while, it was not until recently that it began garnering attention, thanks to travel enthusiasts.

On a travel photography workshop conducted by the GRID club of the Media Science department of Anna University - Guindy, Mr. Varun Sanjeevan jokingly said,"Travel photography fills my soul whereas wedding photography fills my stomach”. Mr. Varun Sanjeevan is a notable wedding and travel photographer, who is also the co- founder of the organisation The Memory Writers. He also spoke about what it takes to be a travel photographer, and the initials struggles which bore fruits later in his life.

Mr. Sai Abhishek—travel photographer and part time wedding photographer with The Memory Writers—is the next expert of the workshop. Abhishek started with "There is no end for learning. Everything is a learning process. Whatever it takes, it's worth going behind your dreams. Never stop until you achieve what you aim." and enumerated the do's and don’ts, tips and tricks, in addition to his achievements and technicalities of the field.

A practical photography session, where students were allowed to experiment assisted by the experts, was also a part of the workshop. The session ended with the guests evaluating the photographs of the students, benefiting and motivating the budding photographers of the Media Science department.

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