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7 things you can relate to if you are a 7 pointer

7 point someones are found aplenty across the campus. There are some unique feelings and experiences that 7 pointers go through during their time in college. Here is a list of 7 things you can relate to if you are a 7 pointer. 


1. When you are checking your results and see that it is full of Cs. C for cool, c for consistency, right?










2. Besides Cs, you might have managed a couple of Bs and maybe even an A (most probably in a lab). But S grades? No chance.
















3. Trying to find motivation after flunking the first round of assessments and preparing for the next 2. 


















4. Trying to calculate what gpa you need this sem in order to achieve an overall cgpa of 8 and realizing that it is mathematically impossible!
















5. Trying to boost your internals to at least 30 in the final assessment, while your 9 pointer friends are targeting a half century. 

















6. Being satisfied with your grades and not applying for revaluation, while your 9 pointer buddy gets an A and applies for reval.  















7. Telling yourself this semester is going to be different. This semester you will study from day one. Then revising your goals midway through the semester. 


















You are not alone. Welcome to the club. #just7pointerthings.

P.S. Written by a proud 7 pointer. 

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