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5 things your conscience tells you during exams












“You’re screwed, might as well flunk in it”

Have you ever seen your question paper, gazed at it for about twenty minutes, thinking if these words were even mentioned in class? Well, thats when you hear a loud condescending voice from your head saying “You’re screwed!”. You’ll try to recollect every possible word you’ve heard in that teachers class and maybe even visualise a whole day for just filling out blank sheets.

“I told you! I told you not to skip this!”

You know that lesson is important. You’ve verified with at least five classmates if they’ve learnt stuff from it. But some part of you feels it ain’t going to come, so you skip it. And next day, voila! That “important” question is right there, staring at you, almost mocking you! Time to get creative and start writing stories now!

“You want me to do THIS in 1 hour!?!”

You’re all set to write the paper, you think you know the answers and everything seems to flow smoothly. Until, like the classic Mr.Bean episode where he realises there’s another sheet to write in less than ten minutes, you too realise you’ve got loads to in very little time. Thats when your “writing” becomes scribbling and your brain constantly blanks out owing to all the energy you are using in ‘scribbling’.

“You should’ve slept last night!”

The finals are a time when sleeping is the last priority for most students, where all forms of fun seem to fade, and staying up late becomes almost a ritual, in the dark times of the ‘Finals week’. So you stay up, and go for the exam after drinking loads of coffee. But the moment you start yawning and feeling sleepy, you know that no amount of caffeine is going to save you.

“Maybe if you pray really hard something can happen.”

Hopes are lost, fate is decided, and worst, the paper has been submitted. Thats when this dialogue comes up. You believe that something supernatural can save your paper. After all, being optimistic is good!


The author is a classical dancer for whom punctuality is a myth and is a very proud Anna Nagar-ite.

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