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25 Things That Actually Show What Summer Is

I’m not going to start this with, “Summer’s here, time for fun and relaxation!”

There’s a world out there to experience, I'm sure you know that, perhaps we all do, and we've all caught ourselves staring out of the window wondering “Why am I here instead of spending an afternoon somewhere on a beach or up in a wooden cabin in the mountains?”

Leaving college for the summer is a complete bittersweet experience. To leave your college friends and the freedom of college life can even make you dread summer at home. However, with old friends and your comfortable bed, there’s more than a silver lining to being at home in the heat. But it's equally true that things get *real weird* when we return to the nest after living on our own for a while. So here are 25 things that almost perfectly capture what it's really like to spend the summer back at home :


1. Finally you’re done with exams :P






Who cares what grade you got?! You feel like an A+, and that’s what truly matters.

2. And you’re ready to get back home:









2 months of sunshine, relaxation and fun is what you think it is going to be like, well, until you face reality.

3. Unpacking is the WORST.








It is the absolute worst. Can’t I just live out of a suitcase until I have to go back?!

4. The fun you think you’re going to have:






















5. Sweat finds places on your body you didn’t know you had









Summer in India, especially Tamil Nadu. You know how it is. Impossible! 

6. Your bed is one of the main reasons why you craved being at home during summer









Nothing better than a bed that feels like a cloud so your back can recover from many sleepless nights on the brick-like bed at hostel !

7. AND of course...having home food at last!








Finally some food which doesn’t come out of the microwave or the gross mess

8. And all of the beautiful and relaxing free time you’ll have








9. A weekend getaway somewhere awesome










Summer is the time for beach weekend getaways right??

10. You get to meet all of your high school friends !









Ah ! Reuniting with our high school friends who fled the state right after graduation makes summer a little less difficult. Woohoo! The gang is back together ! :D

11. But it makes you miss college friends - A LOT.








Not being able to walk over to your best friend’s room and talk about life makes summer 20 times more difficult to get through and unfortunately, FaceTiming or Whatsapping just doesn’t do justice.

12. Work out everyday ?








It's easy to imagine long runs on summer mornings and evenings. Notice how I said “imagine’’, and not “go on”. :P

13. Eat healthy











Lots of fruits and fresh vegetables are in season! You’re going to be SO healthy… or so you thought, until you realized that BBQ food is the best thing ever. And ice cream ! Don’t forget about those summer cones <3

14. Trying to learn something new but…








There was a point when you planned on spending your extra free time learning something new. That was before you realized how little free time you had, to do the things you already know you love.

15. Binge-watching your favorite TV shows and movies.








Raise your hand if you planned on being a social butterfly this summer, but then discovered all the shows that are still waiting for you in queue.

16. Do something productive to boost your career.








I know, I know - internships and all. You were planning on doing something to get a leg up job-wise. But then you started laying out in the sun. At least, you tried.

17. Actually make all of those recipes you’ve been pinning for months.









Looking at those recipes and thinking about cooking them is just so much easier than actually cooking them, right?

18. If you have arrears to clear…sorry.








You’re really unlucky especially when you have a 2-month solid break and a dreadful arrear exam you’ve to study for at the same time ! #biggestregret

19. Go on a picnic worth of a million Instagram pictures!









20. Start doing Yoga 










If only yoga didn’t get in the way of binge-watching!

21. Having rules and restrictions at home is not what you’re used to.








Curfews and chores make us confused in comparison to our usual non-restricted freedom at college.

22. Hang out with your family more








You tried to do this, but every time something else came up. 'A'  for effort, right?

23. You’ll be forced to do all the chores you were able to escape for the past semester.










You know that comfy bed you get to sleep in? Yeah, you have to make that up. But you always did that in college anyway right? (OK, maybe you just told your parents that..)

24. Eventually, you’ll get tired of every. single. person asking how your past year was







And you’ll develop a precise answer, which you’ll have to repeat at least 20 times to your family members, your friends’ family members, and random acquaintances.

25. You seriously don’t know how you’re going to make it 2 whole months at home!















You’re just like “I’m so done with this”




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