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11 Life Hacks for College & Hostel Students

 Deeya's Deductions# 4

1. Opening bananas...backwards:

You know when you're struggling to peel off a banana but try as you may, it doesn't budge? Try opening it from the other side - from the opposite end towards the stem. Works without fail ! This is actually the right way to open it, learnt from the best - monkeys !











2. Microwave hacks:

a. For soft, edible pizza that is not dried up, place a glass of water next to it in the oven while reheating it.

b. Quick and easy mug cake recipe:












3. Beat the heat next summer!

Hang a wet towel inside your room to make it bearable when Chennai's temperatures soar.















4. Fold T-shirts in the following manner to accommodate all your clothes in the space provided by the hostel:













5. Nailpolish Keys

Finding it difficult to remember which key is for what because they all look the same? Not anymore.












6. A lot of us don't get sleep at night, but need to get up early and also need enough sleep to avoid dozing off in class the next morning. So here's the best solution: don't watch TV or use any electronic devices at least half an hour before sleeping. Instead, read a book. You'll fall asleep faster.













7.  Have clothes which aren't clean enough to be put back into the cupboard, but aren't dirty enough to be washed yet? Don't pile them on your chair. Get storage boxes with compartments and place these under the bed so as to make your room look neater.











8. If you need more shelves than hanging space, use a correctly-sized wooden plank and fit it in between the shelf below and the hanger rod. If you need more hanging space, put in another rod below the first one, leaving enough gap for clothes to hang on both rods. This tip is obviously for the day scholars. 













9. Your bed is too hard? Feel like Goldilocks in Papa Bear's bed? For a softer mattress use a thick duvet cover over your mattress and sleep on it .















10. Or Goldilocks in Mumma Bear's bed? For a firmer mattress: rotate the mattress in three cycles on a regular basis. The first cycle is rotating it by putting the head at the foot. The second cycle is flipping the mattress over. The third cycle is rotating the head to the foot again (but this time it will be on the opposite side of the mattress).

11. Lastly, to keep healthy at the hostel, stress free, make sure you have: milk , nuts , at least one fruit each day, and ''plenty'' of water. You can also measure your water levels to keep track.




























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