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World at a pause

It's hard to fathom that the world is at pause,

Our selfless front line workers surely deserve applause.

They are ready to put their lives at stake

So let's not make the terrible mistake,

Of putting our toe out of line,

Sit back and pray that things get fine.


Now we ponder,

How much wealth did we squander,

Things we took for granted, now look divine

Those walks, those talks, along the beautiful coastline.


Free days seem like a dream,

Golden days were when we could work as a team,

How much we long to hug our friend

Alas! That’s completely out of trend.

Because now the danger is extreme

And we ought to pray for our world's well being,

So let's just stay home and be GRATEFUL.

And pray that eradicating CORONAVIRUS, 

turns out to be SUCCESSFUL!!

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