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Why you shouldn’t miss out on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police sitcom set in the fictional 99th precinct of Brooklyn. Needless to say, it is based on intriguing and unique criminal cases and follows the action-packed lives of the workforce of the 99th precinct. In stark contrast to the conventionally somber premise, the show is brimming with relatable humour and witty one-liners.

The main characters include extremely-talented-but-immature Jake Peralta, badass Rosa Diaz, work-loving-perfectionist Amy Santiago, quirky (and frequently straight-up weird) Charles Boyle, near-robotic Captain Holt, sassy Gina Linetti, tough-looking, yogurt-loving Sergeant Jeffords, and the endearing sloths - Hitchcock and Scully.

These characters are crafted to excellence and the actors do complete justice to their roles, be it Andre Braugher’s deadpan delivery of jokes or Stephanie Beatriz’s macho portrayal of Rosa Diaz. Furthermore, secondary characters like Doug Judy, Adrian Pimento, Kevin Cozner, and of course, the fluffy boy Cheddar, add zing to the show with their entertaining story arcs. The dynamics between characters will keep you in stitches, whether it’s Jake and Boyle’s friendship, the Doug Judy-Rosa Diaz ‘relationship’ and many more.

The writers of the show – Dan Goor and Micheal Schur know what they’re doing! Micheal Schur is a well-known, legendary writer of sitcoms (situation comedies). With shows like “The Office (USA)”, “The Good Place” and “Parks and Recreation”, the writer has always knocked it out of the park and doesn’t miss a beat in Brooklyn 99 as well. Though famous for its light-heartedness and irreverence, the show actually possesses brilliant and impeccable writing and carefully thought-out storylines. With each episode catering to a unique premise whilst simultaneously creating character arcs for all the characters involved, it’s a definite treat to the mind.

A humorous show which also celebrates diversity and discusses pressing issues in a light-hearted manner, Brooklyn 99 is definitely worth a watch and might just become your favorite show of all time. Fast-paced, and with comedic timing to boot, you can binge-watch it whenever you feel like it and you’re guaranteed to have a noice time! In the troubling and uncertain times we currently live in, this show is exactly what we need – a little bit of intrigue, a little bit of romance, and a whole lot of fun and laughter.  Moreover, this is the perfect time to start watching Brooklyn 99 as the eighth and final season premieres with two back-to-back episodes on August 12th with new episodes each Thursday.

Still not convinced? Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt.


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