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Whisper of the Hamlet

Ever wondered about the satisfaction one gets

Watching little birds flying out of their nests?

Ever wondered about the happiness one feels

Being the reason, the poor could afford two full meals?


Evergreen smiles, children and staff possess

Perfect decorations, not a single mess.

Resources so scarce, most people would find it hard,

Simply ploughing the fields, let alone building a school in a ground more than a yard.


Such friendly and innocent faces, one would never find

Enthusiasm at its heights and art forms one of a kind.

Yes, this school is no less a school than others-

Teachers, young and caring, shadowing like mothers.


In spite of being built in a remote hamlet

an area not fully developed yet,

These bright students fight against all odds

And come out successful by the grace of the gods.


Parents bringing money home by doing odd chores

Waiting for their off-springs to get home, to fill in the leaking pores.

Such conditions certainly tough to brave through

A doorknob broken; they cannot afford even three screws.


Books made by us, to them they were for

Desperate to write in those white pages, started a little war.

But thankfully sufficient books we gathered

These young civilians immediately settled down, like how soft water lathers.


The hardworking minds of these little ones

The minute we left, goodbyes like the late summer’s sun.

Assuring our return to this unique place

We left the village with an amused, contented face.

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