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Where are you

Sunlight weaves its golden strands,

As snowflakes melt under its gentle caress.

From barren branches, buds sprout,

As winter bows gracefully to spring's irresistible summons,

I open the window in delight.

Lilac asters, primrose, tulips, peonies, and you...

Where are you?

Amidst the blooms kissed by April's dew,

I long to see your smiling face,

And feel your warmth and sweet embrace.


Are you hiding in plain sight, my love?

Behind those rustling bushes and singing trees,

Or frolicking with flowers and humming bees?

Are you chattering with clouds above,

Sipping tea under the dome of the rainbow,

Or waltzing with the gentle raindrops, darlin'?

Are you slumbering beneath cherry blossom petals,

Waiting for me to catch a pink petal,

Or orchestrating the Shakespeare dramas with the butterflies?


I close my eyes and open,

The hide-and-seek game between us,

Unfolds endlessly like waves upon the shore,

Yet, with my little fingers, I can't catch you.

Tell me, darlin', where are you?

Ink and the pages bear the sacred oaths of you,

Each word, like a promise,

Tangles lovers together in the tapestry,

Whispers the earth to sleep,

And hearts to smile so freely.


In the sun's warm kiss, the lavenders bloom,

I search for the daffodils upon each hue,

As your pastel perfection is April rain in my Eden's garden.

Pastel dreams say,

When dandelions dance in the drizzle,

Daffodil falls,

And if the stars are aligned, and I catch,

My first love is divine with spring's shine.


So, in the shades of spring, I pray,

Where are you, my love?

Dance with me in this flora symphony,

I'm writing my soul about you.

In the verdant hills, draped in emerald velvet,

I await our rendezvous.



Meet me soon.

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