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What will happen if Internet is shut down?

Internet has become a familiar term among all social classes over these years, which can partly be ascribed to the fast-paced changes encountered in the field of IT and people’s desire to enrich their knowledge, expand their social connections, etc. Internet has made inroads into our daily lives to an extent that it has become difficult to envisage a society in its absence and the fear of society becoming dysfunctional creeps in while we try doing it.


But what may happen if Internet is shut down? As obvious as it sounds, the ease with which communication takes place today across the globe, will become next to impossible and the term global village could no longer be used to address our earth. Communication will become expensive; naturally, our social connections would shrink and will be confined soon to our surroundings. And knowing things and sharing information won’t be an easy thing to do. Perhaps we may regret the number of times we sent unwanted messages to someone using these social platforms and wish we could go back in time to catch hold of those things that we let pass deliberately or be fraught with guilt thinking about the unnecessary wastage of bandwidth which we caused as an individual.


But on the bright side of it, Life would be comprised of more human interactions. We will be able to make a fine distinction between the things that are real and things that are not. Though the power of accepting &prioritizing things is purely dependent upon the individual, the influence made by internet ceases to exist here. This can be explained by the two events that took place on 20th September,2019.While lakhs and lakhs of people turned up to one event and not even some few hundreds turned up to the other, it became very evidentthat it is not about what is being aired on media but how it is being interpreted and handled. But absence of internet would avoid a lot of misconceptions and actions that are carried out on this basis.


On the seamy side, shutdown of internet could also be dangerous especially at this point of time where everything is reliant on it. It may impact every sphere of life drastically and the losses which we may incur will be hard to be recovered.


While the consequences could go both ways and alternate possibilities are endless, shutting down of internet will surely be impactful, in changing the functioning and mindset of the society we live in.

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