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What does Power mean to you?

To different individuals, power implies different things. However, power is more than just a person's viewpoint. A story, detailed below, involving two young boys, perfectly illustrates my notion of 'Power.'

On a luminous day, amidst the smoky vehicles, two luxury automobiles, belonging to two businessmen on their way to the national highway, were stuck in traffic.

 Two pre-teen brothers from a poverty-stricken family were waiting at the median barrier, begging the drivers waiting at the signal for food and money. They spotted the two luxurious cars and went separately to get something that could potentially help them fill their stomach.

The first boy approached the first businessman, who had the power to offer him a pink-coloured currency note- the first unique kind of money the boy had seen in his entire life. The second boy approached the second businessman, who offered him treats and told him that he had the power provide him with an outstanding education as well as allow him to manage his business and live with him. The boy nodded and joined the businessman. He stepped into the businessman’s car and drove away with him.

The first boy stood ebulliently, clutching onto the 2000 rupee note. He was waiting for his brother to return so that he could share his enormous gain, but to the first boy’s dismay, his brother never came back. Surprising, isn't it? Power can make such drastic changes in the blink of an eye.

Twenty-five years later:

The brothers were now wealthy, both carrying the presumption that the position they held made them powerful. The second brother looked after his mentor’s businesses and became a leading millionaire. The first brother knew that money gave him pleasure, so he studied people and power and grew up to become a cabinet minister.

Unfortunately, eventually the millionaire was imprisoned for embezzlement while the cabinet minister was also imprisoned for reasons unknown. The power that had allowed them to hold such great positions had also led them down the road to misfortune.

Was it because of the powerful decisions they took or because of the power the two businessmen held? What if the businessmen didn't have the power to roll down their windows and offer them help at all? In that case, ignorance would have been their power. It's intriguing to be surrounded by such powerful people. All of these powerful incidences occur in our daily lives. The quantity of power does not matter; what counts is the kind of power that we, as socially responsible beings, consume and utilize constructively.

In conclusion, our routines are embellished with power. Everyone is capable and can work with power and energy. Explore all your infinities with power. On maintaining the equilibrium of power, its real meaning is derived and achieved.

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