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Vidhaigal- Of innocence and inspiration

Vidhaigal ’15 was a cultural event conducted on January 9th at the TAG Auditorium by NSS UNIT 2 exclusively for the differently abled children. This is the third edition of this event and a lot of schools had taken part in it. This particular event was different from any other cultural event because of the kind of participants. There wasn’t the usual screaming, applauding and cheering crowd which we are accustomed to when something like this happens. Yup, the crowd wasn’t that noisy. All I could see were the innocent faces of the children gleaming with joy when they climbed onto the stage to exhibit their talents and the ever enthusiastic audience who cheered for them in their own way.

There were a lot of events conducted such as essay writing, singing, dancing, general quiz, memory games, to name a few. There was a brimming response for all the events. They never seemed to lack in confidence, attitude and eagerness when they performed on stage. Despite their disabilities, their determination to make themselves seen and to not shy away from the crown, never seemed to fade away. I couldn’t spot a single smile disappear from anyone’s face. They were indeed having a great time which made me happy.  I have to admit, we all have a lot  to learn from those young buds. The funding for this event came from the students of that unit and their friends and acquaintances . The members of the unit strived for three months to make this event a memorable one for everyone. Seeing those faces radiating with happiness, it would certainly definitely make anyone’s day perfect!

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