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The Universal Language

The language with no words to speak,
which steps into our heart- easy and quick,
The lesson which lessens our pain,
and helps ease us from strain. 
The candle which melts our soul,
which can recast our annoyed mind cool. 
The art which blooms as most people’s dream,
Even in the fantasy, it does not trigger one to scream. 

The medicine which heals the wounded hearts,
And that, which is also one of the sixty-four arts. 
The door which opens the way to heaven,
And that which sounds in the Ragas Seven.
The God who gives soul to an act,
Everyone must accept this, as it is a fact. 
The instrument, which sounds in the voice of birds, in the gardens, 
And the one which lifts every single one of our burdens. 

The road which directs our way to the world of happiness,
And that which helps us neglect our weakness. 
The thread which can connect even millions of hearts together,
All credit goes to music forever.

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