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The Power Paradox

Power is considered as the pinnacle of influence and control. You can either have power over a person, like that of professor over students, or have the power to influence a course of events, like that of a CEO’s decisions over the happenings in a company. Although this is how power is commonly defined, have you ever felt that power has ceased to have meaning? 

The pandemic has turned the world upside down and shattered our everyday lives, with the entirety of mankind suffering in one way or another. That being said, who do you think held ultimate power in this situation? Was it China, from where the whole crisis is believed to have started? Or was it Swiggy, which saved you from the monotony of your mom’s cooking? After a lot of introspection, I concluded is that the answer is quite simple – It lies within you! Power is where we are influenced and controlled by only our heart and intellect. 

Consider a hypothetical situation where you are on a diet when you suddenly spot a mouthwatering ooey-gooey-cheesy sandwich or a tempting hot sizzling brownie with melting cold vanilla ice cream. I’m sure that most of you would flee to the restaurant and claim that it was a ‘cheat day’. Take a step back and think. Did you want to give yourself a treat? I’d wager that you didn’t. Did you use the power you held in this situation?

Despite the common notion that supremacy is power, it is undeniable that a building is only as strong as its foundation. In the contemporary world, where we come across a phenomenal amount of content every day, it’s important to keep your brain active. Analyze and contemplate the information you gain every day and pick an idea to work on to build a strong foundation. Most importantly, always be original, as only you can convey your thoughts best. 

Remember, it’s not your position that defines your power, but the impact you create. So, you must keep working to better yourself. At the same time, don’t be shy to free yourself from anything toxic in your eyes. Exercise complete control over yourself and learn to do things because you want to, follow your interests, passions and dreams against all odds because that is what defines power.

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