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The Other Side

My eyes finally give out,

exhausted, from staring at a glowing rectangle.

My brain pleads for rest,

my mattress calls out to me,

but as I lay

on the softest bed filled with a thousand feathers,

it turns into a bed of arrows

piercing every inch of my body,

paralysing me.


My mind rushes to a universe parallel to our own

where I am in a dark cave.

filled with an eerie sound creeping up my spine,

I walk on what feels like a bed of coals, 

My heart pounds as I search for light, a way out of this gloom.

I try to wake myself, but I am stuck.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a white, hazy light.

I am drawn to it and as I walk towards it,

my feet suddenly brush against cold water

the air is filled with the smell of fresh grass,

The sky - a beautiful array of colours

As I look at my reflection in the clear water,

I realise that the desolate feeling was only momentary

And my mind has woven a universe echoing my reality;

I’m certain that the light in my dark tunnel is right around the corner


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