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The Multiverse Conspiracies

“Am I unique or does my individuality transcend beyond unseen boundaries?”, “Does another ‘me’ eke out a living elsewhere?” - These mind-boggling questions give rise to theories related to a major topic of debate- “The existence of Parallel Universes”. Several dimensions with an alternate version of us might actually exist.

The black hole theory is a simple concept that is commonplace in many sci-fi movies. According to this theory, when a body enters the gravitational field of the black hole, space-time interchanges dimensions - making an escape almost impossible. This points out the fact that if anything ever survives this spatial distortion, it’s possible for that body to make it to an alternate universe due to a dimensional warp. However, the minute a body touches the event horizon of a black hole, it gets sucked into it. Scientifically, the escape velocity of a black hole is greater than light, meaning even light can’t escape the forceful pull of the black hole. While in reality, surpassing the speed of light seems almost improbable, if humanity ever achieves this task, it could make travelling to another dimension a possibility.

Another theory that vouches for the existence of multiple dimensions covers an unexplored branch of physics involving dark matter, dark energy, and antimatter. Antimatter is basically the opposite of matter (eg: proton-antiproton). These can be created when enough energy is squeezed into high-energy particle collisions. Dark matter constitutes 70-80% of the universe’s matter and the mysteries surrounding it remain obscure as the current laws of physics don’t support its study. Dark energy, initially identified from a supernova, makes up 70% of the universe’s energy and is an acceptable method to measure the rate of expansion of our universe.

These three fields of study tell us that to warp into another dimension, civilization must be evolved enough to understand the secrets of our universe and manipulate all its energy - a far cry from our current situation. It combines philosophy and science. It theorises that if we channelise the negative energy inside humans and combine it with the universe’s dark energy, it is possible to create a loop that warps to a dimension of the past or it will simply allow us to travel back in time. The same can be said while combining the positive energy of the universe and a human, the only difference being it resulting in a futuristic dimension or travelling ahead in time.

Our lack of knowledge and civilizational advancement can be held accountable for the ambiguity in such theories. As long as the concept of multiverse exists, it is impossible for the human mind to leave it unexplored. Whether or not the target is achievable, we are prone to create amazing conspiracy theories to quench our curiosity, and adding a couple of more ‘scoops’ into the already chaotic bowl will only make things more interesting in the future!

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