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The mighty tech temple: CEG!!

College of Engineering Guindy, fondly called CEG, is one of the mighty technical institutions in the world; and one of the oldest in our country. Located in the heart of the city of Chennai, this institution has been producing top quality, innovative and inspired engineers right from its commencement.

CEG was initially founded as a survey school in 1794 by Sir Michael Topping, a multitalented engineer, surveyor, astronomer, geographer, and architect. He established the institution to train surveyors in the East India Company to carry out surveys of the construction and repair of tanks and to ensure the continuous supply of water. Topping truly sowed the seed for what is now a globally recognized, stand-out institution. 

The survey school progressed to a Civil Engineering college in 1858. Consequently, it grew to become a full-fledged engineering college in 1859, following the introduction of the Mechanical Engineering course. In 1933, after the second world war, they introduced a degree in Electrical Engineering. The college also houses many sophisticated and specialized courses like Printing Technology, Material Science and engineering, Highway Engineering, to name a few.

The site of the campus was also changed from Fort. St. George to Kalasa Mahal (the Nawab's residence in Chepauk) before settling permanently at its present home in Guindy in the year 1920. 

CEG houses the Red Building front and centre that stands testament to its legacy. The Red Building, designed and built by Mr. W.A. James, is a blend of Hindu-Mughal architecture. With its numerous domes and corridors, constructed with bright red bricks and white marble, it houses the office of the Dean. Today, the red building is also a symbol of heritage in Chennai. It also comprises a bell that rings once every hour. On the bell is engraved Tennyson's poetic lines "RING OUT THE FALSE, RING IN THE TRUTH" to remind the budding engineers of the importance of honesty and integrity.

In 1978, the three campuses apart from CEG, namely, Madras Institute of Technology (MIT), Alagappa College of Technology (ACT), and School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), began to be collectively known as "Anna University", a mammoth institution for engineering, technology, science and architecture. Every year, the university produces well-trained and inspired engineers ready to go out and contribute to innovation and research. CEG began to stand out as an extraordinary institution, high in the ranks because of its consistent delivery of quality. To this day, the alumni of this great institution proudly call themselves 'Guindineers' owing to the respect the college holds around the world.

The motto of CEG -" Labor Omnia Vincit", translates to hard work conquers all and motivates and drives each CEGian to work hard and smart to contribute effectively to the nation in the field of engineering and technology!

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