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The Immortal Journey

An enduring path to trot,

Where the brink ends – we know not!

A perseverant journey with lessons taught

Through every impediment we fought!


There is, at every instant, a direction to turn

For every act, a few riches we earn!

Often confronted with precarious circumstances, where ideas tent to sway

But the strong-willed heart summons not to stay!


Not one or two – the number travelling with you out there

Love and inspiration, with one another we share!

A million souls tied together by myriad bonds, just like strings

United we stand, in all little things!


The journey feeds us aspirations that ignite our eyes

But what we yearn for and await, it perhaps denies

Yet we strive, with profound solemnity and sacrifice

Like the phoenix, we rise

Despite having fallen twice or thrice!


Every moment we dream to make blissful

Passionately trying to make everything around us beautiful!

Glistening hues we intend to display

In the eternal landscape we render every day!


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