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The App Outage

Social media apps WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram owned by the American giant Facebook, experienced a massive outage on the 4th of October for 6 hours to the dismay of its users. This made me ponder over the impact that social media has on the lives of billions of people. Thus, this poem took birth,


Just a few apps,

And it feels numb without them,

The endearing notifications,

And the endless scrolling,

The video calls,

And the useless trolling.


Life seems to have,

Suddenly paused,

Just for a few hours,

And such a large void it has caused.


Work stopped,

Feelings halted,

Within a few hours of its absence,

Life feels jolted.


So much importance,

Is it safe or sane?

As I wonder,

Life feels mundane.


There's a sense of calmness too,

Just your thoughts and you,

Things you didn't feel before,

Alongside mystical dew,

The mind fills with worry,

With no updates to look at hourly.


Being patient,

Till the play button is pressed,

It's a reminder,

That social media is a devil duly dressed.

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