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That Night

Maybe it was that forlorn night

that aroused those thoughts.

Maybe it was the echoing quiet

seeming to reverberate from afar.

Maybe it was the breeze, gentle and light

that stirred a storm in my heart.


Whatever the reason, whatever the cause

It felt like a reflection of my life-

The night’s blankness so vast

And my own monotonous strife.

But the dark sky was merely overcast

I knew the stars shone above, just beyond my sight.


 There I laid, thinking about the future,

Not necessarily dark, but merely obscure,

Hidden by a veil of clouds, so thick and grey

I just had to hold on until it cleared away.

Far ahead, maybe it was bright

Filled with hope, joy, and delight


And just like that, the dark sky tore

With a streak of lightning,

Then with thunder it roared,

Without warning, rain poured.

The spell I was bewitched under, broke

And from my deep thoughts, I awoke.

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