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T Plus Run

February  1 maybe just another day for the rest of us, but for Rakesh, Anuta, Chirag, Vivek, PJ and Arunachalam it's a day they been waiting for, for months.  The T+ run, a brainchild of the social outreach program, T+, of Techofes is something we should all look forward to. The marathon held in association with the Becoming I foundation is a charity event where all the money goes to 'Project LEAP' an initiative to help under privileged children get an education.

The objective of this marathon is twofold, says Rakesh, "The major objective of this run is to help with our partners the Becoming I foundation. But on some level this marathon is also about bringing running regulars and newbie's together". For people like myself who haven't ever woken up before sunrise, the T+ run can be quite a challenge to participate in. Anuta, the race director believes that inhibitions such as these are one of the major reasons why students today are staying away from running in general.  Being a runner herself, Anuta started running about a year and a half ago and hasn't stopped since.

Being the very first marathon of its kind to be conducted by our college, the pioneers of the T+ run organizing committee have received enormous support from running groups within the city, who are only more than happy to see such initiatives.

Organizing an event of this scale and magnitude though, is not something that is done overnight. Several months of planning and sleepless nights have gone into deciding routes and getting police permissions for the run. But the one thing that brings a smile on Anuta's face is the fact that there are a large number of people who register as volunteers for the event.

Volunteering or running, this is an event that requires extensive support from the student community of our college.The cost of registering for this event is Rs. 300 for students and Rs.500 for the general public under two categories, the 6k run and the 10k run. As a part of the marathon, the participants get a T-shirt, breakfast, a bib and a medal and e-certificate on completion of the run. The marathon is free for students of Anna University, however they will not be privileged to receive the bib, medals, certificate or T-shirt. The T-shirt can be bought on the spot for a nominal cost of Rs.200. Due to police restrictions, the T+ run can only accommodate a limited number of participants. Hence, all runners will have to register.

Free registrations will happen a few days before the event. The paid registrations can be done at http://www.eventjini.com/tplusrun

For more information check out, plus.techofes.in/run

or contact Anuta Mukherjee (+91) 98 409 80079


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