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“SYNAPZ 2K16” - Transmitting Impulses

The Centre for Biotechnology, A.C. Tech, organised “Synapz” at the TAG Auditorium on 3rd October 2016, a fresher's day celebration true to the name, with seniors welcoming their juniors to the fold. The event set a platform to bridge and build a bond between the batches, with the auditorium feeling the vibrations of melodious music, happy colours and ecstasy throughout the evening.

   The event opened with a formal inauguration chaired by Dr S. Sivanesan, the Dean, AC Tech and the senior professors of the department. The invocation song, beautifully presented by Mahalakshmi and Chitra, was a truly divine start. Naveen from IBT welcomed the gathering, following which Karthik from Pharmaceutical took the juniors through the department with his words.

  The Dean addressed the gathering, congratulating the juniors for making it to this institution and advising them to explore and extend their limits, challenge their capabilities and express themselves to their fullest. His words of wisdom were truly inspirational. Dr P. Gautham, professor, former director, CBT, joined the Dean in welcoming the new batch to his department.

  Finally, Ramya from the Department of Food Technology, proposed the vote of thanks. In her speech, she thanked each and every person without whom the event would be incomplete.

  The informals and cultural events then kicked off with huge applause and abundant energy. A series of events were organised by the brown tags to crown Mr and Ms SYNAPZ. Nikhil and Abirami were the proud recipients of the title.

  Following this, the seniors and juniors took over the stage to showcase a wide range of talents in music, dance and dramatics which left the audience enthralled.

  It was truly a big day for the freshers, proving to be an amazing kick start towards the exciting college days ahead. And so their journey begins.


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