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Success is not always due to talent but due to wise choices|The architectural Internship|-An Intern diaries 2 Interview with Reshma


Bachelor of Architecture in School of Architecture and Planning, Fourth year

CRN architects

Interviewer: Shreenidhi 

Interviewee: Reshma 

The experience at CRN architects, an industrial internship, was shared by Reshma.


GT: When should one begin to apply for internships and what is the trending and most beneficial field for students to intern in?   

Reshma: Actually in my case, the internship was unplanned as it is not a part of our curriculum. However, in my opinion, the field that one should work in should align with their interests. From a 'trending field' perspective, I would suggest sustainable design and it is currently in high demand. 

GT: Is there any particular reason that you chose an industrial intern over a research intern? 

Reshma: Yes, there is. Apart from learning the real time execution of concepts that the curriculum taught, in the constraints of the real world application, you learn the limitations, practicality issues and more.


GT: What was the application procedure for your current internship?

Reshma: The application is as same as any corporate firm. But since CRN is a big company, internship mails will be usually go unnoticed in their inbox. So, I definitely had an upper hand as I had a reference within the company. 


GT: Did the internship involve working with any software? 

Reshma: Yes. We used basic software like AutoCAD. But one needn't worry too much about it, as during the course of the internship I actually enhanced my skills significantly. 


GT: How would you say this internship benefitted you and your career goals?

Reshma: I actually learnt a lot because of this internship. A couple of important things worth mentioning are: learning how to negotiate with clients and how to design a project.


GT: Conclusively, CRN Architects have equal expertise in architecture and structural engineering; from an industrial point of view how useful is such vast knowledge?

Reshma: For client satisfaction, it is important for both fields to work as a whole. Thus understanding the nature of work of both fields is very important to create an end product without any issues. 

The Guindy Times thanks Reshma for her time and wishes her all the best in all her future endeavours.

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