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Intern Diaries 5.0: An Interview with Pranav

Internship: VISA

Interviewer: Nitish Dinesh, 3rd Year Student, Bachelors in Electronic & Communication Engineering, CEG.

Interviewee: Pranav Chandar KR, Final Year, Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering, CEG.


GT: How did you come across this opportunity from VISA?

Pranav: It was through the placement cell of our college, that is, from CUIC. They usually release a schedule of various companies visiting at campus. VISA was one among them. I then gave the test and got selected.


GT:  Could you please share the interview process?

Pranav: For VISA, there was an online test for 1hour in which there were 2 coding questions of both medium and hard levels.  We also had a managerial interview where senior leaders of VISA interviewed the interviewees from the technical and HR perspectives.


GT: According to you, what are the best resource to use while preparing for the interview?

Pranav: First of all, we should be generic in preparation, mostly DSA, DBMS and OS. My suggestion is to use resources like LeetCode, GeeksForGeeks and YouTube channels which include Take you forward and Back to Back SWE which is useful to study complex problems like Dynamic programming and structures. Once we get the schedule for the interview, we can check for that particular company’s previous year questions to get a clear idea.


GT: Can you tell us the experience of working at VISA?

Pranav: We had the opportunity to go offline to Bangalore to do the internship. We had accommodation for the entire course of internship also the transportation facilities were good and comfortable. The Senior managers from the company were very helpful and generous.


GT: Could you explain about the resume and projects that helped during interviews?

Pranav: We should focus more on projects, technical skills, the process and the responsibilities that we built, which will help highlight the leadership qualities. I did a project based on block chain and Basically the interviewer started asking questions based on the project. It is therefore important to have a keen knowledge of the project.


GT: What are the Do’s and Don’ts’s that should be followed during interviews?

Pranav: We should not make decisions about the interview in between the interview process. The interviewer will just take a minute to decide whether a person is fit for the company or not either at the end or at the beginning. Therefore, don’t leave hope. Make sure the answers to the questions are brief and to the point.

GT: What are the key takeaways from the internship?

Pranav: Talking about key takeaways, I understood how a corporate works - as when the project is given, it involves a lot of planning, discussions, team member’s decisions and approaches.


GT: Skills required to stay relevant to today’s technology driven world?

Pranav: Start with the basics and improvise the knowledge to the best level. So before going in depth to Block chain or Artificial Intelligence which is currently blooming a lot, it Is recommended to have a good hold on basics so that it will help to easily view through all these technologies.


GT: What is your opinion about intern diaries?                          

Pranav: I am really privileged to be a part of this initiative. It helped me a lot as I watched all the interviews given by purple and grey tags regarding the VISA Internship. I hope it will be helpful to the juniors as well.

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