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Intern Diaries 5.0: Internship at CMRL

Interviewer: Anjali Lakshmi RP, 3rd Year Student, Bachelors in Civil Engineering, CEG.

Interviewee: A Vishna Varthan, Final Year, Bachelors in Civil Engineering, CEG.


GT: What was your expectations before the internship and how did your reality come down?

Vishna Varthan: I didn’t have particular expectations regarding my internship but I was in belief that I would learn something during the period of internship. As expected, I learnt a lot of engineering and managerial skills. So it was a good experience.


GTHow was your preparations for the internship?

Vishna Varthan: I didn’t prepare particularly for the internship. After I got the appointment letter, I went through some of the basic concepts which I learnt during the 2nd and 3rd semesters.


GT: What do you think is the skill set that the company looks for, while interviewing the students?

Vishna Varthan: You must be strong with the basics; that is one of the important skills. You must have proper communications so that you can get along well with the higher officials as well as the general consultants and sub-contractors of the metro industry.


GT: Why did you choose CMRL to do in internship?

Vishna Varthan: I was sure since my second year that I was going to do my internship in the public sector undertaking companies or government departments. When I got the notification from CMRL, I thought it would be a great platform where I can learn many things. CMRL works in a three-layer structure. In the higher layer, we have government officials which directly appointed CMRL. The second layer has general consultants and the third layer consists of contractors and sub-contractors. Working with many firms would give me a good exposure regarding the infrastructure industry. Therefore, I chose CMRL.


GT: What sort of work was given to you and how was the work culture?

Vishna Varthan: I have not provided with any work, but I thought of all of the construction methodology which was involved in the underground as well as elevated metro rail construction. During the first half of my internship, I was involved in all these underground metro rail stations throughout the lines of Madhavaram middle colony to Purasavakkam and Central square. Around 2 to 3 days, I was exposed to the testing laboratory of the CMRL located in Manjambakkam. There I learnt how to do concrete and steel testings for the construction projects. After that, I was taken to elevated stations around Porur.


GT: How can someone apply for an internship at CMRL and what is the procedure?

Vishna Varthan: First the students must know when the notifications release in CMRL website. As per the procedure in the notification form, you must follow it according to the concerned authorities and you will be called for the interview.


GT: What are the key takeaways of the internship?

Vishna Varthan: The first thing I learnt was the excel in the industry, you must be very much strong with the basic subjects. Secondly, whatever you lear in the college will be totally different from what you are going to do in the industry. Thirdly, you need other soft skills like communication and managerial skills to work in any organisations. Other than that, I learnt ethical conducts from my senior officials. I also got the chance to meet an IAS officer from the service of railway engineers.


GT: What piece of advice would you like to give to your juniors who are seeking an internship?

Vishna Varthan: Be aware of the given notifications of all the forms. Apply for it as soon as possible.


GT: What do you think about the intern diaries initiative by Guindy Times?

Vishna Varthan: It is a very good initiative for the juniors to get an idea about their senior’s journey towards internship. Even last year, I was an interviewer at Guindy Times intern diaries series. It is a very good platform.

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