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Sneak Peak into Anna University's Wall Street

Most successful entrepreneurs don’t begin with brilliant ideas. They discover them.  And that’s exactly what Anna University’s Center for Entrepreneurship Development (C.E.D) did when they came up with a gem of the idea for the ‘E-Summit’, a tradition in the making.

This Summit, meticulously organized by the members of the club, was a raging triumph. Brimming with business-centric workshops and an ingenious twist on the generic yard sale, this milestone event successfully reached out to young talent in the college itself.


The Summit was kicked off with a management workshop. This event was held in collaboration with Chemfluence, the symposium of the Chemical Engineering branch of A.C Tech. A cash-control workshop followed, with a riveting lecture by the renowned Dr A.Selvam, Ph.D. (The principal of the College of Management, Sri Ramachandra University).  He gave students pointers on the various finance related issues that could arise whilst starting up a business, which included a hands on session where he restructured their proposed revenue models.

Business overlapped with culture in the Women’s entrepreneurship conference, where several guest lecturers gave presentations on the role of young women in the business world. This event was topped off with a power-packed performance by our very own, CEG Spartans, who won the crowd over with their energy and charisma. 

Ad-Zap, the first round of the Sales’ Guru event, brought numerous motivated and enthusiastic individuals together, and encouraged them to unleash their innovative and out-of-the-box marketing strategies in a competitive environment. The best of the best were chosen for the final leg of the event, A.U Bazaar!  The young sales geniuses brought their heads together to collect products from sellers all over the college, pitched some intriguing sales tactics, and then proceeded to host an incredible bazaar in the campus. They sold items varying from quirky trinkets to household necessities and a wide spectrum of books. There were several promotional ideas to encourage buyers. These included a lucky draw and scrumptious baked goods!  It was certainly a delightful way to conclude the Summit.


The E-cell of Anna University continues to win over young entrepreneurs, waiting for their chance to shine! This Summit is certainly not the finish line; rather it’s the start of a new race.

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