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"Self-learning teaches you to introspect yourself" - says Sreeram | Intern Diaries

Sreeram , a final year Geo-informatics student of CEG, who has completed his research internship on coastal vulnerability assessment at National institute of Oceanography, Goa has shared his experience with The Guindy Times



GT: When is the right time to apply for internships?

S R: According to me, the right time to apply for  internships is during February or March. It actually depends on the kind of internship you want to pursue.

GT: How did you know about this internship?

S R:  I surfed the net and went through a lot of websites searching for research internships with stipend and also asked professors in my department.

GT: How did you apply for this internship?

S R: For internships at National Institute of Oceanography we have to fill the online application and enclose a recommendation letter. We must mention our projects, previous internships and select the professor with whom we would like to work and if they like our projects they would select us.

GT: The most prominent aspect during selection is resume screening. Can you give some tips for preparing an ideal resume?

S R: The resume should be very short and precise highlighting the projects and interests. You must prioritize them based on the kind of internship you want to apply for in less than a page.

GT: Did the institution in which you did your internship provide food and accommodation?

S R: Yes, I was provided with good accommodation facilities. Mostly North Indian dishes were served.

GT: Could you tell us about your project?

S R: My project was about coastal vulnerability assessment for the entire coastal region of Tamil Nadu. It can predict forthcoming hazards. When sea level rises, certain physical factors and human factors are affected which are noted for certain years and by comparing them with safe values and ranking them we can predict the forthcoming hazards.

GT: How was the working experience in the institution?

S R: It was a new but friendly atmosphere and helped me develop perspective views on an idea with newer technologies. It was a great place for self-learning which taught me to introspect and develop myself independently.

GT: In what aspects did your project help in developing your career?

S R: This project has really shaped my career as it created a niche for pursuing M.S or M.E in Oceanography. If my study works out well, it will also be helpful in predicting the hazards.

GT: What were the positives you took from this internship? How did the internship experience change you?

S R: First of all, it increased my faith in me. This experience made me confident to face things and I feel that this two or three months has taken me to the next level.

GT: Tell us your view about intern diaries by GT.
S R: It is certainly good  to let the juniors to know about our experiences and it would guide them while applying for internships.

The Guindy Times thanks Sreeram for spending his valuable time and sharing his experiences with us and we wish him  success for all his future endeavours.

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