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Roof Top Gardening

A green garden is the best place to get out of the monotonous mechanical world we live in and bring out the ‘hidden child’ in us. Parks and gardens are considered the lungs of any city. There are many such in the city of Chennai, however, it may not be feasible for everyone to go to a garden. Nature lovers in cities may have the idea of implementing one but are devoid of space. Rooftop gardening is the solution to all these problems. 

Terrace gardens not only provide decorative and beautiful scenes but also possess numerous benefits. Wastewater from the kitchen, RO discharge, etc., is used to water the plants. Some households using organic detergents can also use the water from the washing machine for this purpose. Solid wastes such as vegetable peels, withered leaves, and biodegradable plastic bags can be collected as manure. Thick plastic bags can be used to grow plants as an alternative for pots. These measures reduce the disposal of non-biodegradable products and increase recycling. 

Maintaining a rooftop garden is equal to going to the gym for a few hours, which can surely be seen as another added benefit. Why? Maintaining a garden requires watering and pulling off the weeds which need to be done every day, due to which we exercise our bodies. Walking around the garden, inhaling the fresh air makes us brisk and healthy. 

Plants provide us with clean and fresh air, so handling nutrient-rich soil improves our immunity. It is a joy to see new leaves grow. A healthy garden attracts colorful birds and insects including butterflies! You also get chemical and pesticide-free organic veggies! So start terrace gardening today and put a green cap on your building!!

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