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Resonance 2015 - An ECE Symposium

Resonance - the intensified voices of the ECE erudite's - is an intra college symposium of The ECE Department of CEG. On the 29th of September, a workshop on Voice Recognition was organized by the final year students and the president of the Robotics Club of CEG. A 5 day event Hashtag -  a contest to put forth our thoughts in an impressive and witty way was conducted from 25th to 29th. The big day for the ECEians kicked off with the inaugural function in Ada Lovelace hall at 10 AM where an alumini of CEG, Mr. Rangarajan Srinivasan - A Staff Engineer at Qualcomm India and Er. G.L.Ramamseshan - retired Executive Director of SAIL (Steel Authority of India) were present as Chief Guests for the event. This was followed by the launch of the magazine "PULSE" by the chief guests which was then distributed to the people gathered there. 

The events kicked off by 11 AM. Kick Off - a soccer match between bots, and Track the Track, the line tracing bot event were the two robotic events that turned a lot of heads among the students.For those who wanted to unravel the world, How Stuff Works?! was organised. Events like Clock It and Analocked along with Beginner Bias and Doped tested the grey matter of the participants. And as a treat for the coders at CEG, Code-Sense was held. The manipulating minds had a platform - Mindsweeper to portray the inner mathematician in them. Finally, the winners were awarded with a cash prize worth 30,000 INR at the valedictory function. The big day finally ended with a smile on every cognitive engineer of CEG .

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