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Relaxing Between the Lines of Mandala Art

I’ve always wanted to become an artist from childhood. Art, particularly Mandala Art, has always been so much more than an activity or a hobby for me. It improves my mood and helps me relax whenever I’m stressed out.  

Mandala, which consists of an essentially geometric configuration of symbols and shapes, is an art form typically associated with religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. It owes its spiritual significance to the use of shapes that symbolize rebirth, repetitiveness, protection to name a few.

The first recorded existence of Mandala Art was from the 1st century BC, around the time Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment. According to history, Mandalas were first carried by Buddhist monks when they traveled the Silk Road for trade. It later spread to the Hindus, Tibetans and Native Americans, who used them in prayer.

Mandalas can have squares, circles, lines, commas, and other patterns. Some of the most commonly used symbols are diamonds, bells, triangles, lotus flowers, suns, and wheels. Even the most basic form is structured appealingly with sectioned circles around a focal point within a square, as the Mandala aims to help you focus your mind.

Although there are numerous types of mandalas, the three main types are Teaching Mandala, Healing Mandala and Sand Mandala. As the names suggest, Teaching Mandalas teach the learner to create and Healing Mandalas are created for meditation. Sand Mandalas are made from coloured sands, much like rangoli, and were one of the earliest forms and were commonly used by Buddhist monks. Some other types include geometric, architectural, flower, and letter mandalas.

Mandala Art has been shown to improve mental health and well-being. It reduces both stress and anxiety and promotes creative thinking. It helps one forget their worries, break emotional barriers and restore mental balance, thus instilling positivity. Even merely watching Mandala Art come to life can be therapeutic for some people. Studies have also shown that it improves concentration and boosts the immune system.  

The beauty of Mandala Art is that anyone can try it; there are no strict rules - all you need is paper, a pen or pencil, and colors. Colouring the Mandala can calm you and make your creation more appealing. So what are you waiting for? Pick up some stationery and dive into the invigorating world of Mandala Art.

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