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Ready for a Quest?


Many people eagerly search for the Quest of adventure in their lives but Anna University students eagerly wait for the Quest of Quality,-the Q Quest! The Quest which takes them on a path that unveils their talents. One can describe Q Quest as a platform which gives students a chance to hone their people skills and leadership skills. As directly quoted by the judge of an event in Q Quest, also an esteemed professor in our college, Mr. Arivudainambi, “These kind of programs improve the team-management skills of the students and I really appreciate the students who organized Q Quest.” So, Q Quest is for the students and is organized by the students, to be more precise, the Students Quality Club (SQC).

Q Quest’ 15 takes place for a full 5 days, from Feb 16 to Feb 20 and it is aimed to the benefit college students and corporates. There were almost 23 companies and 25 colleges taking part in this inter-college fest. The main categories for the 5 days were Corporate (Feb 16, 17), College (Feb 18, 19) and International Conference (Feb 18, 19, 20). Some of the corporate events that took place were Paper presentation, Debate, Quality Quiz and Quality Guru. The venues of these events were  spread over the campus: including the Alumni Hall, Ramanujam Hall, Sivalingam Hall, AU-TVS Audi and IRS Audi.

For the benefit of college students, the SQC arranged for an industrial visit as a workshop. This especially aids our Engineering students in the department of Mechanical, Manufacturing, EEE and few other departments. Some of them were Lucas TVS, Sundram Clayton and Wheels India. After the workshop, came a bundle of events which dazzled the students by giving them a chance to do things they love, in front of an audience. Some of the events for college students were Quality Guru, Q! Ad Zap and Yell it out! Quality Guru focused on improving the quality of the students in a variety of fields. Q! Ad Zap gave the students a major chance to develop their creativity and made the audience go into  a roar of laughter and getting a thunder of applause. Yell it out! made the students increase their spontaneous thinking and improve their time management skills. The total participants for these events crossed almost 200 overwhelming the allotted halls but yet the SQC just extended the time limit for all the events so that all the students could have their chance. They have introduced a new event this year called Conundrum, which is entirely for all the Math geniuses who have their way with numbers. Also, for the ones who have  exceptional knowledge in not just a particular field, there was the General Quiz . Whatsapp Tussle and Design your Dreams were the events that took place online.

One might think that only the students participating gain a lot of qualities and skills but the SQC makes sure that the students organizing these events also gain a lot of experience. The organizing committee for Q Quest not only has the 4th year students but also the 3rd year and 2nd year students and in SQC, they make sure that everyone has a role to play. And some of the teachers give all their support to the students in SQC, as they never say NO to the students. One such teacher that the students admire is Mr. A.R.S. Jayanth Sir. He quoted, that to him, “Q Quest is a meritorious initiative and as the name suggests the quest for quality would certainly take you to Q Quest that we have in our university. Students have a wide range of platforms to exhibit their skills and talents”. So, all those students who crave for quality improvement,  Q Quest is the perfect platform. 


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