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Saturday, March 21, 2020

5:43 PM


Never thought life would take such a turn,

It's something that makes our stomachs churn

A virus that we can't see with our eyes,

Get it, and you ought to be isolated breaking all ties.


Let's stay positive and hope for the best

I wonder if this isGod's test?

The earth we polluted, the trees we chopped,

Isn't it our fault that justice has flopped?

Our earth is taking its much-needed break

Let's resolve to no longer put its life at stake.


If ‘what can be done about it?’ is what you think,

With society you ought to break your link


Let's rest in our homes please,

So that the real saviours can work with a bit of ease.

Let's practise social distancing,

Gatherings and crowding we ought to be abandoning.

If outside is where you must go,

The first step you have to know,

Is to wear a mask

Isn't that a simple task?

The spread of the virus we have to forestall.

So, don't forget the most important step of all,

Wash your hands frequently with soap

So that the spreading we can cope.

Cover your mouth when you cough,

Or else the consequences are going to be tough.


The main thing we got to do is to be in our homes,

And take care that in public no one roams.

Let's not put our friends in peril

We've got to fight this corona devil.

Let's not panic and stay hopeful,

Don't forget to do the needful.

Spread a bit of kindness and compassion

With the necessary hygiene education.


Together we will break the chain,

And from ignorance, we must abstain!!



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