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Anna Hockey League (AHL) is an exclusive tournament in the game of Field Hockey, our nation’s one of the most important games. AHL is conducted by the student players from the University Departments of Anna University, Chennai i.e. College of Engineering Guindy, Alagappa College of Technology and Madras Institute of Technology - Chrompet.

This league is conducted with the intention of drawing interest towards our “national game”, to compete and develop individual skills.

Since its inception in 2008, Anna Hockey League has been conducted during the even semesters, attracting more participants each time, which in turn, has created more awareness about the sport and the league.

AHL was founded by former Director of University Sports Board , Anna University, Chennai Dr.J.P.Sukumar with the support of the staff in the University Sports Board, especially, Dr.B.BalakumaranMr.S.Balaganesh and Ms.Evelyn Synthia.

The funds for conducting the league is being collected from organizations and the alumni players of the three colleges constituent colleges of AU and the finances is handled by the Mentor Mr.S.Balaganesh, Assistant Physical Director, Anna University, Chennai.

The student players of the three campuses involve themselves in organizing this league to develop their inter-personal skills, leadership skills and also the managerial skills, an additional activity apart from academics, as a relaxation from their hectic study periods.

This year, the 9th edition of Anna Hockey League is being played. Players have been divided into six teams - Roaring Ruffianz, Deadly Dribblerz, Yo Yo Yakz, Crouching Griffinz, Sizzling Shooterz and Rising Warriors. The league kicked off today with the inaugural match between Roaring Ruffianz and Rising Warriorz, where the latter emerged victorious.

General Information

  •    The League consists of three levels, each level consisting of 15 matches.
  •    In each level, every team plays five matches.


  •    The game is equally divided into 5 rounds with a period of 10 minutes each.
  •    Each team consists of a maximum of 9 players on the field including one goal keeper.
  •    Teams can have any number of bench players under the condition that each player should play at least one round.
  •    The playing sides will be changed in each round with a 2 minute break and a 4 minute break only between third and fourth rounds.
  •    In the 2nd and 3rd rounds, teams should play with amateur players (first and second year players), with a maximum of three second year players allowed. Violation will lead to a penalty stroke.
  •    The goal needs to be scored only from the D-circle.
  •    Own goal won't be awarded.
  •    The ball should be moved 5 yards from any place in taking a foul.
  •    Hitting the ball is not allowed.
  •    Sweeping, tapping and slapping the ball is allowed.
  •    Any appeal to the umpire can be done by the captain only.
  •    Only three defenders (including goal keeper) and four attackers are allowed in the penalty corner. In penalty corner, the     defenders need to run from the goal post.
  •    The ball should be started from the 25 yards line if it crosses the back line.
  •    Field umpire’s decision is final.
  •    Proper uniform must be strictly followed throughout the course of the tournament.


Win: 3 points

Draw: 1 point each

Lose: No points


Green: Player will be suspended for 2 minutes and substitution is not allowed.

Yellow: Player will be suspended for 5 minutes and substitution is not allowed.

Red: Player will be dismissed from the current match and substitution will not be allowed.

The League has its own website (http://annahockeyleague.com/), where the leaderboard, top scorers, among other details will be kept updated throughout the three months the league will take place. 

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