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Prescription for the Heavy hearted

Sometimes we suffer the symptoms of diseases we do not have. And sometimes, we feel the symptoms of unhappiness for unnecessary reasons. Often, the root of our unhappiness comes from overemphasizing the negative side of situations. This habit is easy to get into since time seems to move more swiftly when we are happy and more slowly when we are not. We might suppose that we are unhappy more than we are.

Life is always not easy for any of us. If it does seem so for someone else, it is because we do not know enough. There is a side we fail to see. We are all subject to different uncertainties and adverse circumstances. Furthermore, we may always have the feeling of wanting something we do not have despite how much we do have. But those who have what we want, or what we think we want, are not necessarily happier than we are. ‘Happiness’ does not confine to any material or a set of circumstances. It does not guarantee affluence or ease. It is not a monopoly of place or people.

Paradoxically, there is another element that factors into this. Some people that we may think of as aimless are comparatively happier. They may even be some of the happiest and most grateful people out there. Perhaps this is because their sense of value has stripped off some superficialities, as they have learned the great blessing of ‘simple essentials’. It all adds up to the fact that “we have more reason to be happy than we can sometimes suppose”, and to realize it, we only need to lose some of the things we have or see someone who has never had the things we have. We will find the contrast convincing. This way, we can easily throw off the heavy from the “Heavy-Heart” and have a blissful life ahead. 


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