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Pop Culture and Social Co-Existence

The advent of social media has made vastly easier to broaden one’s vision of various cultures across the globe. The different cultures are uniting and transforming the world into one global society. This has led to the penetration of pop culture (Popular Culture) into various aspects of society.

Have you ever noticed how when you meet new people, there is this instant form of connect and bonding among fans of different artists, shows or books? The prompt of ‘Friends vs The Office’, or ‘Marvel vs DC’ sets off a debate that gradually builds up conversations among writers, readers and fans. Subsequently, the ice is broken and you get comfortable with the new group of people. We’ve become so accustomed to this, that if not for these pop culture elements, we find it hard to start a conversation with strangers. The type of shows, music and books one is into, tells us a lot about the person. You find people with the same taste as yours and connect with them. Each franchise takes us into a whole new world, very different from our monotonous life, that we find it engaging and lively to talk about.

Social media has become a bridge that connects people all over the globe. It has also brought fans of various franchises together, to hold both healthy conversations and hilarious gags that make our day. Events that celebrate pop culture such as Comic-Con help foster bonds among people of different backgrounds. Pop culture, thus, acts as a unifying agent for youth across the globe.

Pop culture plays a vital role in influencing the way teenagers dress, think and conduct themselves. From music and movies to the celebrities they exalt, everything has a marked effect on their personality and thinking. Often, youth are driven towards or attracted to pop culture because it makes them stand out while blending within a crowd.

On a more personal level, pop culture helps people grow and be more accepting, owing to vast representation through the various genres in pop cultures. Diverse views on Women’s rights, equality, education, LGBTQ2+ community etc., allow one to explore areas that are not commonly spoken about in society and express their identities better. The fact that the present generation is more accepting, dynamic and vocal about injustice and issues that plague society can be largely attributed to pop culture.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that pop culture has negative influences as well. The depiction of violence, blood and gore can have serious psychological repercussions. Some people get so immersed into the fictional universes, that it becomes difficult for them to distinguish between what is real and what is not. Though one can argue that pop culture has educated many on mental health, it is also a major cause for the decreasing morale among today’s youth. The pressure to fit into a group, be one in the crowd, is so overpowering that most youngsters live their lives dictated by movies, TV shows, and fashion tips from popular magazines. The urge to emulate fictional characters quite often leaves them feeling inadequate and disappointed.

Pop culture keeps changing from generation to generation and indeed has a pronounced effect on the youth. It is undeniable that pop culture has had a crucial role in making the concept of “GLOBAL SOCIETY” a reality by giving people across the world a common theme to talk about.

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