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Playing It By The Ear

There is nothing like listening to some good music after a long day. 

The immediate feeling of calmness it gives is like a breath of fresh air amidst life’s chaos. We know that music has been intertwined with human life for eons, but what makes this universal language so powerful? 

Music has an impressive track record of alleviating stress. Research shows that certain music genres and tempos make the brain emit signals that help us relax. When these signals course through our bodies, they reduce our heart rate and the production of stress hormones, like adrenaline. Getting a good night’s sleep plays a significant role in human efficiency. Interestingly, calming sounds like rustling leaves, flowing water, or a tranquil breeze have proven to activate the rest response in the human brain. One could even try listening to the whistles and clicks of whales and dolphins to reduce tension.

A common challenge we as students face is focusing on our classes and assignments. In contrary to popular belief, listening to music actually increases your attention span. A gentle beat playing in the background can help you get things done a lot faster. But make sure the music you listen to does not have lyrics, as you might end up singing along by accident. 

Another important tip is to not just listen to music, but to make it! When you play an instrument or sing, your body releases endorphins - hormones responsible for happiness. Finding a set of friends to jam with is a beautiful way to spread positivity when the going gets tough. Next time you are not feeling good, try using music to liven things up. It is a foolproof Algo-rhythm! 

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