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Our Life—A Walkthrough

The wind, like a gentle breeze, brushed against my face as I stood at the edge of the well. I gazed down and saw my father in the depths, beckoning me to jump. I shivered, not just because of the cold air, but the excitement bubbling inside me as well. The thought of avoiding the task at hand crossed my mind. I gave no importance to it. Finally, I gathered all my courage and jumped down. After a brief struggle, my father held me with a laugh. We played in the well while the hours of my life ticked away slowly. After we went home, he told me, “Remember this day, son. Today was a good day because you overcame your fear and jumped!”. I thought with a smile on my face, ‘Life is good’.

I threw my book across the room, watching it slide down the wall and hit the floor with a thump. I pondered over the reason and cringed at its silliness- End semester exams. The fact that I had no time left, and the nagging thoughts of my other problems, made me angry and I threw a tantrum about it. My lack of a skill set, family financial problems, my failing relationships, the realization that I didn’t have anyone close to me, the feeling that I was just a product to use and throw away, my parent’s disappointment; all of these made me want to scream and end my miserable life. My thoughts went to that day years ago when I jumped into the well without fear. But I was cowering in fear now. ‘Life was good’, I thought with a deep sigh.

The wind howled against my ear like a banshee as I stood at the edge of the well. I was hit with a sense of déjà vu when I looked around. After feeling a little nostalgic, I gazed down into the well, but I didn’t see my father there. I didn’t see his joyous face. Instead, I saw the phantom, stony face of my saviour. He generously offered me a way to end all my miseries in my life and I accepted it without holding back. I was tired. Tired of all the stress and depression. My disappointment and anger at myself carried me to this place, where I once thought life was good. Before taking a jump, my daughter’s face crossed my mind, and I stopped. I shook my head and thought, ‘I won’t jump. I will make her life good’.

I tilted my head up and saw my grandson nervously peeking down at the well. I swam closer so that he could see me and beckoned him to jump. I remembered the past and saw myself in his place. And he, bless him, jumped just like me. I held him, just like my father did, and we swam together till dusk. 

That’s when I realized the truth. You have to overcome your fear and jump into the emotional rollercoaster, that is life. I didn’t jump that day when I was an adult. Instead, I jumped back to life. After my grandson and I went home, I told him with a smile on my lips, “Remember this day, dear boy. Today is a good day because you overcame your fear and jumped!”. Life is always good.

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